Where’s Your Base Camp?

I teach small groups of people Focusing, an organic process of allowing ourselves to learn how to listen to, understand and follow the inner guidance that comes through our bodies.

In a recent training a discussion ensued when speaking about finding that place of refuge and grounding within us. One of the participants, with eyes sparkling, told us of what she’d heard mountain climbing was all about. She offered me the link (thanks K!). It is worth watching!

It’s Alison Levin, the Team Captain of the First American Women’s Everest Expedition telling about her own journey along Mt. Everest.

I learned, like the others in my training group were also learning, the importance of returning to base camp to recover, be nourished, strengthened and prepare for the next and perhaps even more challenging hike up. This presentation speaks so much to our own life journeys.

Having watched this Ted Talk, allow yourself to PAUSE:

-Which parts of Alison’s narrative resonate with you in your life’s climb? (I have a few favorite parts but mostly it is the essence of the process that inspired me).

-What’s your Mt. Everest these days? A relationship? An unhealthy habit? A task? A personality trait? (Notice that the mountain is the mountain. It’s your relationship to the mountain that needs attention)

-What do you do to prepare to climb your mountains?

-Who’s on your team?

-Where’s your base camp?

May we all find our base camps within us.

May we all find teams to support us in returning to base camp along our climb.

5 thoughts on “Where’s Your Base Camp?”

  1. Base camp itself can be it’s own challenge when it is a place we want to avoid and try to keep reaching for our “goal” without refreshing and resting up for the “climb.”
    Thanks, Joya, for this great illustration of how important it is to return to base camp, and recognize the great healing it can provide us.

  2. Thank you Joya. I appreciate your wisdom and ability to present an opportunity to people for growth and transformation. You have a gift for helping people heal.

    1. It is so crucial to be mindful that a “base camp” must be a part of your journey. Thank you for the timely reminder.

  3. Thanks for reminding us about so many little steps on our journey that make the goal worth it. I love the idea of returning to base camp! You once quoted to me that an un-examined life was not worth living. That’s what base camps are for!

  4. Thank you Joya for these amazing reminder, it’s clear we have to enjoy the journey where all the lessons, changes and challenges appear at any moment and this journey becomes great when there is a team that supports you and encourage you to keep going and never give up. Thanks Joya for being part of the team of my life 🙂

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