One baby step

The new Moon in Aries heralds an astrological New Year. 

Today a young loved one bid goodbye to a relationship she was committed to. To a man she still loves, losing the dream of what she desired and needed the relationship to be. 

Her friends gathered to offer continued support through loving words, poetry, songs, tears, and laughter. They reminded her of her strength and love; and blessed this beautiful soul’s journey as she began to gather herself and take her next steps.   

I take the opportunity to pause this day. 

What is not-so-happy in me, restless, or longing? 

What have I not paid attention to because it seems like I can’t afford to listen to my heart? Would it call for too much change? Would changing the landscape of my social life take me out of feeling comfortable by my very busy life?

What about you?

What kinds of experiences are you walking away from at this time in your life? What doesn’t serve you anymore? Perhaps it’s something you’ve been creating that you don’t want to do anymore. Perhaps it’s a pattern in your relationships, a lifestyle, a habit, or beliefs and narratives that you’ve been living out. 

What next steps forward are you wanting to take in your life? Are they still only in your heart? Have they found themselves on paper? Have you shared them with anyone, your pet, the bird or bunny that visits? Take this time to channel the power of words through either writing or saying out loud your next steps.

Who are the people that offer you loving support, hold a mirror so you can see yourself, and promise to be there with you in the marathon of your life? Who would you trust to nudge you towards listening to the beat of your own heart?

What kind of a ritual do you need to honor yourself and what you are inviting into your life? Who will witness you? Will you write words on paper, use your voice, or stomp? Will you burn or bury something, or send it down the river? Will you sing and dance and send your new creations in dream waves through the ether?

You have to lift one foot off the ground before you step forward. Just one baby step.

That’s all it takes to start. Listen to your pain, your restlessness, your longing. Then call in your support. The waiting, allowing, listening, responding, moving along, one baby step at a time, at just the pace you choose. And then one day the shell will crack open and your new creation will take flight.

** image by Devi Puspita Amartha Yahya

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I have Masters degrees in Social Psychology and Counseling. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Michigan and a Certified Focusing Professional with The Focusing Institute. I've trained in the first level of both Sensorimotor Processing for trauma and Couple Therapy with Drs. John and Julie Gottman,. I am also trained in Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy for Complex Trauma with Shirley Turcotte and her team.

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