On Valentine’s Day

I muse:

Along with the delightful colors, sounds and bargains of the day, there sometimes comes the grief of a lost love, the longing for a partner or the sadness of being in an empty relationship. Perhaps we’ve been through all of these experiences in our lifetime.

But aside from our romantic love relationships, there’s us, ourselves.

How often do we pause to allow tender feelings towards ourselves, really love and cherish who we are:

ALL of who we are,

the whole package: caring, selfish, adorable, annoying, poetic or practical.

There’s no one who CAN know or care more for ourselves than we can.

And we have a lifetime in this relationship!

Can we find it in our hearts to sing to ourselves in the words of The Seekers:

“It’s a long long journey, so stay by my side…

For I know I’ll never find another you”.

Here’s the song:


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4 thoughts on “On Valentine’s Day”

  1. Wow. A part feels something like afraid/alone reading this …
    “There’s no one who CAN know or care more for ourselves than we can,”
    … because of a previous lifetime model of knowing and caring mainly coming from other. Perhaps seeing only the words “no one can care for ourselves.” A misconception internalized.

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