Pausing to Take It In

I’ve dreamed of starting my own practice doing what I love; working to see people stand strong in their uniqueness, wanting to embrace everything about themselves: their looks and styles, abilities and disabilities; people secure enough to make it safe for others to be themselves. I want to guide people to their own wisdom and inner resources.

I allowed the apparent stuckness in my career to lead me to a workshop on Starting Your Own Business. Weeks later I was applying to register my business, Life Rhythms. That was exactly a year ago!

I pause to reminisce. Memories of holding fast to a vision, meeting a variety of challenges: the decisions, the waiting, and the changes. Each memory brings a new, sometimes subtle set of sensations: a gurgle, a spaciousness, a tightness. I stay a while with each before I allow another memory to slip in. I drink deeply of this time of remembering. In stopping to be with an unpleasant taste I am surprised. It’s not so bitter after all! And the good one tastes more delicious.

How often do we PAUSE to really take in an experience in all its richness?

Try it! For just 30 seconds.


Allow the fullness of this moment to receive your full attention.

Notice your thoughts, notice if there are any feelings lurking around.

Make room for the sensations in your body…

RELISH the experience… for it will pass, pleasant or unpleasant IT WILL PASS.

Try it!
– when someone thanks you for something. Pause, breathe, take it in.
– when you feel the cold wind whip around your ears, sense what that’s like.
– when you’re sad or mad or worried: just really observe the experience in your body, allow yourself to pause enough to feel it and describe it.

Notice what happens! Perhaps you’ll be surprised too!

Do feel free to share with me your comments, wonderings and stories.

3 thoughts on “Pausing to Take It In”

  1. Thank you, Joya, for the wisdom of your experience, your clarity in explaining it, and especially the invitation to try this simple but powerful exercise ourselves. Examining “What are things really like?” It works! -Peace

  2. Thank you, Joyalou, for inviting me into this sanctuary. I read some of your reflections and it took me away from the bustle of the day and into a quiet space and it felt so good. I listened to There a New Day Coming and it made me smile because I love the song and it took me back to my young and carefree days. After the song, I paused and did some breathing and feel fortified to get back to the tasks of the day.

  3. Thank you Joya for creating this online sanctuary and taking the courageous step in starting your own practice! You are demonstrating the power of trusting the universe and the power of listening to our innate intuitive navigational system. Thank you for creating a safe place where each of us can practice trusting the wisdom within us. My soul has been looking for a guide (in human form) that can gently teach and guide me to trust my inner compass.

    My body has a way of getting my attention and many times I feel it as a tightness or anxious feeling in my chest area. Too often I’ve dismissed these sensations as fear that I need to get rid of with the same familiar drill, think positive, be grateful, get busy, go help someone. Gratitude, positive energy, and assisting people have their place but by denying what is at the moment, it creates more tension and more fear. I’m learning that these tight places are really a gift when I can stop, pause, and be with the tightness and gently inquire what message it has for me. By embracing and giving loving attention to every aspect of my being, I can discover wisdom and loving guidance one moment at a time. I look forward to going to the inner sanctuary and trusting this place without judgement and intellectualizing. Just pausing and noticing and being with what is. Interesting that when I allow myself to be where I am my meditation deepens and the mind chatter and tightness eases. The tightness is my guide and has a message for me and each time it’s different.

    I long for this sanctuary inside myself.

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