What is Focusing?

Focusing, developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin, is a gentle way by which we can access what lies within us through our bodily sensed awareness. This process helps us move in a forward direction toward which life is continuously inviting us. In Focusing we elicit the help of our bodies’ wisdom so we have all that we need to get to where we want to be.

Focusing is all about us creating a safe enough place for those parts of us that do not feel safe or accepted and hold us back from being our joyful and expressive selves. It is about learning to relate to those parts so that we can swing into the fullness of the rhythms that are uniquely ours.

Focusing is very distinct from other techniques, even though it provides a great support to other practices including coaching, psychotherapy, meditation, and creative expression. Some of the many areas where people have integrated Focusing include medicine, community wellness, Non-Violent Communication, and work with children. Focusing is being used effectively in many parts of the world including developed countries, poor nations and war-torn areas.

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