At Ease With Emotions


We experience a myriad of emotions. We love them and get addicted to them. We are embarrassed when they sneak up on us and hate it when they keep us from moving forward. We could just pretend that they do not exist, but they can take over our lives anyway. In this workshop, we learn more about emotions and how we can relate to them in ways that are both gentle and effective. By giving emotions due attention, we can move towards feeling more peaceful and powerful.
Emotions are one of the most misunderstood experiences in our lives as humans. It has taken me much reflective study and personal exploration using different modalities to come to appreciate my own emotions, understand their place in my life and how they sometimes can have power over me.

In this workshop, I will offer an understanding of the WHOLE emotional experience and help participants connect with their own emotional patterns and begin to harness the gifts that our emotions offer while also learning when and how to manage them when they seem to take over.

Date & Time: Saturday, January 28, 2017 (1-4pm)

Place: 3140 North Otter Creek Rd, Monroe MI, 48161

To register: Joya D’Cruz (734) 219 2555 or

Sliding Scale: $15-$30