About Joya

Who we are shows up in every moment as we co-create experiences
with the people and circumstances
we engage with.
 There is no “I am this” or “I am that”, just what shows up in each moment.

In my personal evolution, I strive to embrace my challenges and enjoy new freedoms. Through my work, I support people in really understanding and accepting themselves. They learn how to access from their own reservoirs,comfort, guidance and strength.

Having been on the giving and receiving end of psychotherapy, I know that many hours can be spent talking about ‘failures’ and ‘problems’. Couples often spend many therapy hours feeling nervous, attacked, defensive, blaming and frustrated. We can gain perspective on our situations when we see how they may have come to be, without judgement or shame. We can then, more easily, take charge and move forward.

I work with people at the level where transformation happens, at the heart of their fear, confusion, stuck-ness or pain. It is at that level, deeper than feelings or thoughts, that they can allow and receive healing and guidance to make necessary shifts through difficult experiences in a relatively short time.

Dealing with our problems can be something to look forward to rather than something to dread. I offer everyone who enters my work space a sense of being safe and comfortable. In such an atmosphere, they are more easily able to really take a look at what’s going for them individually or in their relationships in a non-judgmental way. Facing what is true can be hard to embrace when we do not feel accepted and loved by ourselves and by those around us.

Once we learn to understand and accept the things we fear we can explore and experience new possibilities and allow radical internal changes to evolve in an organic way. These changes happen at a place that is deeper than cognitive or emotional levels. My role is to listen deeply and allow myself to be informed by people’s own processes as I guide them.

My deep desire is to do my part in building a gentle, joyful, and authentic community where people feel safe, accepted and comfortable to be themselves, where people strive to keep each other feeling safe and loved.


I’ve lived in different parts of the world, and worked in rural and urban USA and Canada. I’ve practiced as a counselor for college and University students, recent immigrants to North America, people dealing with diagnosed mental and emotional disorders, the elderly, and others. My clients have been individuals, couples and families.

In 2011, I opened my practice Life Rhythms in the Ann Arbor area in Michigan, offering psychotherapy, Focusing Guidance and Training. For a period of time starting in 2014, I contracted some of my services through Still Waters Counseling, based in Saline, MI. I volunteer with Ann Arbor Open Meditation to offer guided meditation to community groups in Ann Arbor, Saline and Ypsilanti.

I have Masters degrees in Social Psychology and Counseling. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Michigan and a Certified Focusing Professional with The Focusing Institute. I’ve trained in the first level of Sensorimotor Processing for trauma. My training with Drs. John and Julie Gottman has really informed my work with couples. I am also trained in Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy for Complex Trauma with Shirley Turcotte and her team.