Your healer, counselor, teacher and guide are within you

Is this you?

*You’re having difficulties in relationships, personal or professional, and wish to explore your interactions in order to find more peace in these experiences.

*You’re dealing with mental or emotional  stress, from illness or from life circumstances, and long to live a more healthy and fulfilling life.

*You’re a meditation practitioner and want tools to explore the feelings, sensations and issues that arise through your practice.

*You’ve experienced trauma and you desire healing in body, mind and spirit so that you can feel more healthy, whole, peaceful and joyful.

*You’re a psychotherapist, a medical or a somatic professional who seeks a  mind-body approach to enhance your professional expertise.

*You are well and happy and yet, you long for companionship and guidance in your own growth and evolution.

Sometimes what people may be going through individually or in relationships requires the use of interactive processes and psychological techniques. I offer this to individuals and couples, combining deep listening with other creative techniques that I have found to be effective.

I do this through Individual, Couple and Family Psychotherapy. I also guide and teach the skills of Focusing, as initially created by late Dr. Eugene Gendlin. On request I offer group facilitation and trainings.

Click here to read reflections from people I’ve worked with individually or in my training groups.