Your healer, counselor, teacher and guide are within you

We are often strangers to our own bodies, stuck in ineffective patterns of relating with others, or we respond to life as victims of our past experiences, strung along by fate.

And right when we’re feeling alone and helpless we receive advice to “move on”, “think positive”, “let go of the past”, “see a counselor” or “try meditation”. We try some of these and they do help. But they don’t always get to the root of our problems. They don’t take away the sense of shame, frustration, fear or aloneness. They don’t resolve our problems.

Every bad feeling is potential energy toward a more right way of being if you give it space to move toward its rightness.
Eugene Gendlin

I’ve been there and know how deep that despair is. But I also know now that what feels so stagnant or futile is truly alive with latent hope and possibility. The answer lies in knowing how to navigate through those “stuck places” in yourself.  How to focus on what’s really happening. How to recognize when that happens, read the signs and how not to get trapped again. Your healer, counselor, teacher and guide are right within you. That is what I’ve learned. And my work is about guiding you so that you can find that within yourself.

I will help you find resolution to your problems if you are ready to join me in finding those solutions within yourself! I will work with you to explore, to pause and listen in a deep bodily way and understand what that “stuck-ness” is all about. I will help you learn Focusing and practice this simple and natural method. This process will bring insight, relief… and then energy.  You will be free to move forward!

A large part of my life was spent trying to be better or different… a better student, daughter, sister, friend, partner, wife. Told to be more attentive, less playful, less this, more that. Something and someone other than who I was! That controlled my life. And then my life, dreams, my sources of security, significant relationships and career plans fell apart.

I sat right up, looked straight in the face of my life as it was, looked right into the eyes of the “real” me, became my own mirror and realized that I had been wrong all along. I was wrong to work on trying to be someone I was not.

So I began a whole new journey listening to my own pain and longings in a way I never knew how to do before. I listened deeply to my heart, honored my feelings and how they moved within my body; paid attention to my relationships, work, leisure and the world at large, in a whole new and genuine way.

My Counseling practice Life Rhythms is a result of this journey. My work since then has been about inviting, guiding, nurturing people who choose to work with me to face themselves, hear their own heartbeat, and dance to their own rhythms.

We are all dancers following our own musical beat. We sometimes fall out of step with our own pulse, our own life’s rhythms. We meet others and choose to dance with them. With some this is easy, with others it takes more effort; some stepping on toes, bumping, or missing our own step completely because we hear the other’s music louder than our own. Or perhaps unconsciously we turn up the volume on our music and want others to dance in step with us.

It is at these times we need to pause and listen deeply, and work to move naturally back into rhythm again. We often don’t know how to do that. That’s where I can help. I can be that support guiding you with simple tools to get into step with your true self again.

In following my own unique and evolving life rhythm, through my dedicated work in Focusing, I seek to guide and support others in following theirs. It gives me great pleasure to witness someone begin to find themselves home, swaying in joy to their own life rhythms.

Here is what I offer:
I offer Individual and Relational Psychotherapy and teach Focusing skills to individuals and groups. I also facilitate a variety of life-nurturing skills to groups.



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